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Hey there!

I'm Christa, a virtual personal assistant who is dedicated to helping couples spend more time together and rekindle faded love. I've been working with families for nearly a decade and my passion to strengthen relationships grew into its existence after watching the divorce rate continue to skyrocket. True to my character and compassionate heart I knew I wanted to figure out a way to put my expertise to use and offer a helping hand to couples who value their commitment to one another but the demands of work and life have driven distance between them.      

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My Story

My story is one of resilience and hope. I am a firm believer in never giving up on love, and I strive to help couples rekindle the romance and reignite the spark that once was. I understand the importance of communication and the need for more than just physical intimacy in a relationship. I also recognize the importance of balance and the need to make time for each other in order to truly build a lasting relationship. I'm on a mission to help couples restore their relationships and bring back the love they once shared.

Relationships are complex and I recognize that no two couples are the same. I believe that every relationship is worth fighting for and that every couple deserves a chance to reconnect. With my personalized assistant services, I will help you and your partner rekindle the romance by creating more time and energy for you to rebuild a strong foundation and lasting relationship. Let's connect and explore the possibilities for you to reconnect with one another.

Let's Connect

I'm always eager for new opportunities to lend a helping hand.


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